A New Chapter: Welcome To ImiiMace.com

Alright, lads. Welcome to ImiiMace.com! I know – wild. Four years of nettleandblackberry all gone up in smoke. Gone. I’ve rebranded. I’m a grown up doing grown up things like using their name for their blog, rather than some weird old Tumblr username with .com slapped on the end. I’ve got my big girl pants on.

So welcome! Welcome to something that has been a long time coming!

As you may have noticed (because I literally start every blog post apologising) I haven’t really posted much lately. I’ve been bored and uninspired and *borderline* embarrassed of my blog? Like, n&b was super cute and worked so well for me when I was 20 and I was living my best life at uni. It was definitely who I was. But it’s not really who I am now?

Pretentious, moi?

This is all a bit of a gamble for me. I’ve obviously spent money on doing this, on paying for hosting for another year (though I’ve now switched to Pipdig hosting and I’m obsessed – amazing!) and on general blog things. New theme, new me?

The nice thing is that everything now matches. My twitter an instagram have both been @imiimace since the beginning of time, and now everything is seamless. My contact email has also changed to the very snazzy hello@imiimace.com – I’m a walking brand.

So, here we are! The next big chapter of my quest to stay relevant. I’ve got my fingers crossed. x


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