A March Refresh

A March Refresh
A March Refresh

I think it’s time my wardrobe had a little refresh…

Is spring here yet? I thought it was about a week ago but then it went and snowed again so it looks like I was wrong. Still, I love a jumper-jeans combo as much as the next gal so I’m not complaining too much. We could do with a few more flowers though. Will the brown of winter never end?

I could do with a little refresh, and my wardrobe could certainly do with a little spring clean. I could also do with starting to put together a little summer wardrobe – think sandals and pretty tops – for a few upcoming trips away.

I’m absolutely obsessed with a few of these items. First is that string bag (OMG!) – I’ve actually already ordered one. Also look at those shoes and bikinis!! Fingers crossed I’ll get paid a little summin summin at the end of the month and BAM straight in the shopping basket.

You may also have noticed that my site has had a very chill revamp. I’m rubbish with sticking to branding, and one day I’ll find something that’ll stick forever, but for now I’ve gone for something different again. As much as I loved my handwriting being the logo for n&b, I’m more comfortable having the actual name of the blog as my header – my name was all well and good, and looked better in my handwriting than n&b, but wasn’t really consistent enough. I’ve also tweaked a few bits and pieces on the home page so go have a look at that! I’m happy for now!

It’s going to be a fun little spring, now that it’s finally here. I hit Paris on Monday to catch up with some friends, and then I’m at home for a little while to get over such a long and stressful term. Can’t wait! x

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