A Little of London // Mini Haul

londonmixSo over the last two days I’ve been in sunny London visiting a wonderful friend for her birthday and doing a little bit of shopping. Pretty standard stuff, but I thought I’d share some highlights with you all!

So my favourite food in the whole world is Vietnamese food – seriously, I can’t get enough. I went to Vietnam in 2012 for three weeks and fell in love with everything about it. Noodles and rice and peanuts and veg and just everything! Vietnamese food is still a little bit niche in London (there are a few amaaazing places) but a great, cheap nation-wide chain is Pho. I always get the Tofu and Mushroom Bun (noodles served at room temp. with a spring roll on the side). Honestly, if you’ve never tried Vietnamese you definitely should – it’s so fresh tasting and not gloopy in any way! It was most certainly welcomed after a few too many glasses of wine and pimms the night before…
My favourite Vietnamese restaurants are: Pho, Com Viet, House of Ho, and Cay Tre!

londonhaul2So after all those noodles, its time for some vegan ice-cream (especially inthe heat, my goodness it was hot). Gelupo is a gorgeous little ice-cream parlour serving classic gelato and vegan friendly sorbets and is situated on Archer Street, just off Piccadilly. A small pot costs just £4 and is more than enough to keep you cool on muggy days in London! I had papaya and strawberry as a combo and it was absolutely the best ever. People watching with ice-cream on a sunny day in Soho – amazing.

So what else? Well, obviously you can’t nip into
londonhaul5London for an afternoon without looking in a shop or two. I’ve been looking for a pair of comfy shoes that I can wear throughout summer, with jeans and skirts and shorts and everything. Obviously it had to be a pair of Toms. These are absolutely gorgeous and made of the silkiest fabric ever (see above). Seriously, they feel so exotic on my feet (this is where you roll your eyes). I can’t wait to wear them out because they are just fabulous. This £5 Primark vest is also going towards growing my summer/Bali wardrobe and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’ve loved high neck-lines since I could buy my own clothes so the fact that they’re currently selling all over the place is an absolute dream. I seriously can’t wait to wear this beauty.

londonhaul1The last little bit is a Muji makeup box/drawer thing. My makeup is horrendously disorganised. Seriously, its just in a pile on a shelf and I have to sieve through everything to find the things I’m looking for – even finding a mascara is a nightmare. This is me attempting to be more organised in the cosmetics department. Fingers crossed it’ll serve me well! I’m already enjoying its simplicity – there’s nothing better than attractive storage solutions, so I can’t wait to head back to Durham and actually get it all sorted! What should I keep in it?

So that’s what I’ve getting up to! I go back up to Durham tomorrow/Friday so its all change and revision is going to start (I know, right).

Have you done anything fun so far this week? Let me know!



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