A Little Lush Winter Haul

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The nights are drawing in, the cold has started biting, and Lush have released their new Winter range.

Okay so maybe it’s not THAT cold. I mean, have we even had a week of October yet?

But anyway, to celebrate the changing of the seasons, I thought I’d hit one of the very few Lush shops in Paris (conveniently on my walk home from university…) and check it out. I may have spent a quite a few more euros than I was expecting. I blame the lovely sales assistant completely. She got me talking about London and before I knew it, another thing was popped into my basket. Sneaky sneaky.

I also took the opportunity to grab a few bits that I’ve had my eye on for a little while. The Ocean Salt scrub, and a little free sample of Comforter shower gel. Believe it or not but I hated Snow Fairy (it quite literally smells like alcohol breath…) so Comforter was a nice little exchange.

Anyway, let me tell you about the Winter treats!

So probably my all time favourite soap scent in the world is Yog Nog. I mean seriously, like what is that smell? It’s like a creme caramel that you can rub all over your body (without people looking at you weirdly). I ended up buying a massive chunk because I honestly wouldn’t care if it lasted me the rest of my life. Daym girl, amaaazing.

Santa’s Belly smells pretty sweet too. One of Lush’s classic shower jellies, Santa’s Belly is, as the assistant said, ‘like wine for the shower because its always wine o’clock.’ Like apple and mulled wine, this is just the nicest scent ever. Christmas smells amazing, doesn’t it?

Finally, the thing I bought completely and utterly on a whim. The Santa Baby lip tint. A shocking coral red matte lipstick. My God, I love it. I’m not a red lip person. I own one red lipstick and barely wear it because the formula is so wet and smudgy. This, on the other hand, goes on like a balm and stays like acrylic paint. I might even be a red lip person after all! Do I dare wear it to school on Monday? It’s also really moisturising which is pretty cool for such a bright lipstick.

Lush, my friends, you’ve done it again.




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