7 Ways to Combat Loneliness

7 Ways to Combat Loneliness

Loneliness seems to be my stalker at the moment. I live alone, the outside world speaks a different language to me, and every day I go to uni, make small talk badly, and come home exhausted.

Okay that makes it sound really awful. It’s not. I actually love my new uni friends, even if I haven’t actually had a full conversation with quite a few of them. (I literally haven’t spoken to half of the people that kiss me on the cheek and ask me how I am… because I can’t.)

So because of all this ‘me time’ I’ve come up quite a few ways of amusing myself and keeping the lonelies away.

1. Watch loooong TV shows

I know the whole ‘Netflix when you’re bored’ thing is a bit of a cliché BUT it’s a sure fire way of passing the time and numbing the senses. What started as PLL has now turned into House on my end. Seriously, an hour here, 40 minutes there, BAM its time for bed! Okay so its not so much a way of stopping the lonliness, but get some good snacks involved and a week will have passed before you know it.

2. Become a gourmet chef

Okay so maybe you’re not the next Raymond Blanc, or even Jamie Oliver, but you can while away a good few hours whipping up and eating some really good food. I know the tendency when we’re feeling a little sad is to reach for the nearest packet of oreos and curl up in a ball, but you can really help yourself out by really putting time into your food. I mean, what else do you have to do? The more time you spend on your food, the better it’ll be and the better your mood will be. Healthy always equals happy!

3. Watch/read/do something familiar and comforting

I can’t tell you how many Bake Off re-runs I’ve watched over the last few weeks, or how many trips to M&S Cluny that I’ve made without actually buying anything. I’ve also started to read the Harry Potter books in French (so far I’ve read the first chapter 4 times and got no further). When you’re in a strange place doing strange things with strange people, sometimes its nice to sit back and do something really normal. Even hoovering does wonders for the soul. Take pleasure in the everyday.

4. Think happy thoughts

Depending on how you look at it, memory can either be a blessing or a curse. I mean, when you’re lonely the last thing you want to think about are all the great times you spent with your friends and family. Well, I think you’re wrong. Recently I’ve found that such memories are actually quite soothing. Don’t think of it as the past, but think of it as evidence for the present. They were your friends when you were with them, and they’re your friends now. Just because you’re not there, it doesn’t mean that you’re suddenly erased. Happy memories make for a happy person.

5. Give someone a call!

Do I even need to explain this one? Just pick up the phone/FaceTime/skype and talk to someone! Your parents, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, both (wink), your friends, your cat. Just talk to someone. The worst thing you can do is bottle yourself up because you feel lonely. Because, breaking news, you can’t cure loneliness by isolating yourself more. Bit of a tough love tip, but there we go. You can’t have your lonely cake and eat it.

6. Plan ahead

Weekends are tough for me. One weekend was especially bad a week or two ago because I had absolutely nothing to do. My metro pass hadn’t been validated yet, my loan hadn’t come in, and basically I was tired and bored for 48 hours. So, on the Sunday night I made myself a promise. I promised myself that I’d fill every weekend in October with things. And I have. Every single minute of each day can be accounted for.

Next weekend the lovely Emma is visiting for a little tour of Paris, the week after I’m in Bruges and Brussels for the weekend, and the weekend after that I’m in London and home. An added bonus of always being entertained is the pretty sweet blog posts coming soon.

Pin point when exactly it is that you are at your most lonely and fix it.

7. Exercise

Gross, I know. You’ve heard it all before so I won’t bore you with the details. Exercise = endorphins = happiness. Just ask Elle Woods.

Exercise also takes up time, especially when you include commute to/from the gym, washing, dressing, faffing around. You’ll also want to get to bed earlier so that’s less time in the day to be lonely. Sexy happy body, sexy happy soul.



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  • Imogen C says:

    Love this and it came at a great time! I’ve just started uni and while everyone’s lovely I haven’t leapt into a group of BFFLs (cringe) just yet – there’s already a lot of Netflix going on!
    Hope that Paris is going well for you and that the language barrier clears up soon enough 🙂

    • Imii Mace says:

      Ah I know all about those start of uni blues. Stick with it and it’ll pick up in no time! Once work starts being set people tend to bond a lot more with people (complaining is such a leveller) and you’ll find a group of like minded people really quickly (:
      Thank you so much (: xx

  • Sare says:

    What a lovely little post, Imii! 🙂 I used to be awful in my own company and would be climbing the walls. However, these days, I’m very excited at the thought of having 5 minutes peace! xxx

  • Love this post. I love just grabbing a cup of tea or coffee and sitting down to watch an episode of my current favourite TV show.

    – Darcy Victoria

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