5 Things That Have Cheered Me Up Over The Last Few Weeks

5 Things That Have Cheered Me Up This April

April has been a fun month, and by fun I mean fun. I’ve had a million essays and generally spent most of my time either at the library or in bed pretending I’m at the library. But, last week I handed all the essays in, and since then I’ve only had to do little bits of work here and there, so I’m content.

It hasn’t been all doom and essay writing gloom. A few little things have made me happy this month.

01. That big ol’ photo up there which is honestly the *best* photo ever taken of me?! And I think my pal kinda took it by accident? Wild. Honestly though, look at that face. She’s got her DC and she’s so happy that uni work is over for a while. Buzzing.

5 Things That Have Cheered Me Up This April

02. Beer garden afternoon – incidentally where that photo was taken. The day after my deadline I hit the pub with pals and spent forever nursing a diet coke before being convinced to grab a glass of wine. The sun was shining and I had no worries at all. Just really bloody nice, to be honest.

03. Massaman curry is so great! Like, we all know it is but honestly I’ve eaten it so much this month and I honestly can’t get enough. Homemade or deliveroo, I’m all about that massaman life.

04. Weirdly, I haven’t been as busy as I normally am. I’ve been keeping a low profile in Durham and have been focusing on getting my work done over anything else and it has been absolutely lovely. I might stay off the grid a little longer, to be honest.

05. Fake tan is amazing, isn’t it? I’ve legit never really tanned before, ever. Maybe the odd occasion, but not really. Except damn, I go from zero to hero pretty quickly with a glow on. Wowee! Even a slight tint and my skin looks better and I feel more confident and I wear less makeup and look nice in white? Fake tan is a miracle. x

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