25 Pages For Your Bullet Journal

25 Pages For Your Bullet Journal

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]emember that bullet journal phase that we all went through last year? When was it? March? ish? Whatever. You remember it. Well, I too was whipped up in the whirlwind that was bullet journalling. However, rather than put it back down when the storm ended, I seem to have landed on the other side. I’m in the Oz of bullet journalling. A year later, I’m still going strong, following that yellow brick road to the hyper organised Emerald City.

What even happened with that paragraph? Oz? Bloody hell. What’s wrong with me?

I often get stuck for ideas for my bullet journal. Like, I know what I want to put in there, but I’m not quite sure how. Or I know I need to add a page, but I’m not quite sure what it is. Or sometimes I just want to do something for no reason, but need inspiration.

So here is a definitive list of all the pages I have ever had in any of my bullet journals. Or like, all the ones I can remember, anyway. I may write another 25 pages further down the line.

So here we go! 25 page ideas for your bullet journal!

A photo collage page, for all those photo memories
The all important key
A social media/blog stats tracker page
Books to get read
Health & fitness goals
Health & fitness tracking
List of blog/social media collaborations for each month
Any school/work to-do lists (I have a page entitled ‘dissertation to-do’)
A page for your word of the year
Blog/social post ideas
Blog/social goals for the year
A future log, set out for each month
Your ‘fuck budget’ for the moment
A weekly gym/exercise tracker
Nail polishes and their colour swatches
A savings and finance tracker
Your goals for the year
A page of deadlines for the year
Grades and marks for the academic year
The classic weekly spread

The classic monthly spread
Revision/work schedule
Important dates/birthdays
The all important wishlist page
A doodle page, for when meetings and seminars get too much

What are your favourite pages for your bullet journal?


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