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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]‘ll be honest, this cake was actually a bit of a disaster. Tastes fine, and looks fine (now) but we had all sorts of nightmares making it. For a start, it was meant to be a Neapolitan cake – pink, white and brown – but our pink colouring just disappeared in the oven so we had to change the brief to a plain old chocolate, vanilla layer cake. Apparently natural dyes don’t last under heat or something. Who knew?

Also, buttercream is the devil. It was all going fine until we had to ice the sides and all hell broke loose. Still, dried raspberry bits cover a multitude of disgusting, slimy sins. What a time to be alive.

There’re also fresh strawberries and buttercream between each of the three layers. YASSSSS.

Anyway, as you’ve probably guessed, today is my 22nd birthday. I’m now 22 years old. Congrats and HB to me. High fives all round. It’s not a ‘special’ birthday, or a milestone or anything, but I didn’t really celebrate my 21st as I was still settling into Parisian life, so I’m making this a big one. To me, anyway.

I don’t really have a lot to say. I’m not going to do one of those ’22 things’ posts or anything like that – and I actually think I did one for 21 – I’m just going to say a big shout out to me, and shout out to you guys for reading this and being my internet and real life friends and family. You guys are all no1 in my book.

The last year has been really up and down for me and my blog has been something constant and nice and it wouldn’t be here without people like you reading my rambling posts about nothing.

Hey! Just like this one!

Anyway, here’s to another year.

Also, lol, guess who’s STILL a virgo after all that star sign nonsense? YAS me. Losers.


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