21st Birthday Wishlist

birthdaywishAs today is exactly a month before my 21st birthday, I thought I’d do a little wishlist post. Just because I can (and because there are so many things that I’m lusting after…)

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Something I only noticed when collating this little collage was there there is a little bit of a theme about my wishlist this year. That theme is ‘bloggers in Paris’. Eugh, I’m such a walking cliché. But seriously, who wouldn’t want to walk around the streets of Paris with all of these lovely things. Shall I give a little explanation?

Lets start with the gadgety things! Probably the most lusted after item on this lift is the tiny little Nikon WU-1B Wireless Mobile Adapter for my trusty Nikon 1. There’s just something about an instagram photo snapped on my camera that will never be achieved with my trusty iphone and this little plug-in will make my life infinitely easier. No more having to upload photos onto iPhoto for me! The 18.5mm f/1.8 lens is also a massive lust item! Perfect for amazing flat-lays and gorgeously focused blog photos. Finally the American Tourister Cabin Case will be just perfect for collecting my frequent flier points as I make many a trip to and from Paris this year. Stylish, practical luggage without the baggage fee!

This white marble phone case is perhaps the most cliché of the list. What blogger doesn’t love a little white marble? And for my camera, just to spruce it up a little, this gorgeous black leather camera sticker. I love the vintage look of a good black leather bound camera and this will give my Nikon a much needed upgrade!

My wallet has absolutely fallen apart so I’m well overdue for a new one. This lovely leather wallet from Accessorize is wonderful and so elegant! As Paris is a little classier than the streets of Durham, my old Paperchase zoo animal rucksack will have to retire in favour of something a little more streamlined. This black leather backpack-satchel is absolutely perfect! This brings us on to the ASOS mac/trench. Oh man I have wanted a trench coat for so long! I just never have the occasion to wear one. Durham is a very casual affair and I get by in a sweater and jeans most days, with a padded black jacket when it’s cold (so, a lot). As Paris is a bit of an exciting new start I really want to update my wardrobe properly with some statement pieces. What better to start with than a nice pair of black jeans and a trench?!

So there we have it! A few of the things I can’t stop thinking about in the run-up to my 21st. As I said in my post, Paris Preconceptions, I will be spending my birthday in Paris, right at the beginning of my course. Luckily Ollie will be joining me for a little bit and there’s a chance that my parents and sister might fly out too. I think Oll and I might actually go to Disneyland so that’s damn exciting! Either way, I’ll have a great time turning 21 in the most beautiful city in the world.

Is there anything you’re lusting after at the moment? Let me know in the comments!

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