2018: Looking Ahead

2018: Looking Ahead
2018: Looking Ahead

A few days have passed since the end of 2017, and I’m feeling pretty good. It seems like 2018 is going to be my year. Or, like, maybe it’s because I haven’t even gone back to uni yet and I’ve just been hanging around, writing essays and making vegan stir-fries in my pjs with Ollie.

As I’m taking the afternoon off (had an interview this morning) I thought I’d share a few of the things that I have coming up in 2018, and a few of the goals that I hope to achieve. Nothing major, just nice little things.


01. Learn to take time to do nothing. I mentioned in my ‘word of the year‘ post that I was far too busy last year, and that most of it was actually pretty unimportant. My first goal for this year is to just do less of the useless stuff, and spend more time on the stuff that actually matters.

02. Travel. This year I want to travel a little more, and visit some new places. I also want to head back to Paris for a few days and see my friends there and take more photos of the place I called home for a year. Paris aside, I’d love to squeeze in Central America and a few more European cities. I may even take a solo trip.

03. Work out an order for prioritising my life. At the moment I’m juggling a million things: my MA, blog, social presence, friends, family, job applications, etc., etc. This year I want to sit down, with a brew, and work out which one I should be focusing on more, and which I can afford to cut out. Obviously nothing drastic, and the blog will very much be staying. It’s just about me sorting out which comes first when I have three essays, a blog post, and things with friends to choose between. All chill.

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2018: Looking Ahead

2018 to do:

Aside from those three vague little goals, I do have a few plans set in place/being planned.

01. Finish my MA. This is the big one for this year. I hand in my final piece of work in September, and then graduate properly next January. Until then, there’s lots to be getting on with. Time to get my head down and get to work!

02. Veganuary. I’m a few days into Veganuary now and loving life-ish. If you’ve been following me for a looonnggg time (you’re the real MVPs) then you’ll know that I spent most, if not all, of my second year of uni eating a plant based diet and loving it. This time I’m finding it a little harder. How did I cope for a whole year without real milk in my tea?! It’s legit the only thing ruining this for me!

03. Work on myself. This one needs no explanation. Just me being the best me that I can be. x

2018: Looking Ahead

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