2016 Highlights

2016 Highlights

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]’m not going to babble up here for very long, because all the good stuff is below. I just want to make a general statement about how, despite 2016 being quite possibly the hardest, scariest year of my life, it has also been the absolute best. The best year ever, filled with fun and travel and food and fun, and I’m immensely grateful. Here’s to 2017!

January: I spent the first week of January with Ollie, in Paris. We saw in the New Year from Pont Neuf, and spent our days visiting the museums and gardens that I hadn’t yet got around to visiting. An absolute highlight was the Roue de Paris, with its amazing views from the top.

February: They seemed to take down their Christmas lights so late in Paris. They were definitely still up for some of February. I remember February purely as the month that Paris just clicked for me: I could suddenly speak French and all of my stresses from the year before had vanished. It was just amazing. I spent most of the time sitting outside cafés, under the heaters, watching the lights twinkle and evenings grow longer.

March: In March I got to travel about Europe a little bit: home for my mum’s birthday, Normandy and Brittany for the weekend, and then Berlin. I’m incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to hop back and forth to France as I wanted. Shout out to the EU.

April: April saw me having loads of visitors to my little flat in Paris. Ollie came over for a few days right at the start, followed by my sister and a trip to Disneyland. It’s the happiest place on earth. Fact. And the number of people coming over meant so many little boulangerie and Sephora trips!

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May: In May I went to see Mumford & Sons at the Paris Zenith and they were just incredible, and so much cheaper than they would have been had I seen them at home! I also took a trip to Copenhagen and it quickly became my new favourite place in the world – okay, one of my favourite places. I’m already planning a trip back, possibly with Ollie.

June: In the first week of June I flew down to Nice with an American friend, and we spent two days just chilling by the beach in the sunshine (and eating ice-cream and pasta) – meanwhile in Paris, torrential rain meant the Seine was flooding all over the place. Losers. The South of France was lovely. A few weeks later I got the bus to Amsterdam and spent a great two days there. It’s absolutely beautiful (if expensive) and I’m glad to have ticked it off my list.

June was also the month I moved out of Paris, back home.

July: July saw Ollie’s graduation from Durham, catching up with old friends, and relaxing at home or in London with Ollie.

August: In August I took a little trip up North, to Filey, with my family, for a week on the coast.

September: I turned 22 in London, with pancakes, presents and all the Vietnamese food I could eat.

The Bloggers' Blog Awards 2016

October: In October I was lucky enough to be nominated for a Bloggers Blog Award, for my Instagram. I had the best day in Leeds catching up with everyone – and actually one of  the best showers ever in the hotel. I also went back to Durham to start my fourth year at university, after my fun little year off in France. With a tiny trip home for Ollie’s 22nd, and for Bonfire Night, I got back into the whole uni thing pretty well, I think.

November: Ollie came to visit for a week which was so nice, especially for him as he got to see all his uni friends again. Basically in November I just went for brunch a lot and put on a lot of weight. Not necessarily a bad thing. The brunches were delicious.

December: Christmas! And home! And that time I co-wrote a pantomime and put it on and it was fabulous and everyone said it was great. I also found out that my landlords in Paris had just had a baby and it’s the cutest bloody French thing ever. Winter walks, turkey, mince pies and friends.

What have been your highlights for this year?


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