20 Things I Wish I Was Doing Right Now (Instead Of Writing My Dissertation)

20 Things I Wish I Was Doing Right Now (Instead Of Writing My Dissertation)

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]nce again, here I am writing a blog post instead of doing some work. This time it’s my dissertation that’s being put on the back burner. You’ll remember that post about how I was meant to be writing an essay, as well as literally every other post on this site because, well, let’s face it. Everything I do is as procrastination from something else. This little method has got way out of hand. Whoopsie.

That said, unlike that last post, my diss isn’t due for another two and a bit weeks, and I’ve actually already written about half of it, and I actually like the topic of my diss, so all is probably alright.

I also have absolutely nothing other than my diss to do in that time. No lectures, only one or two people even up in Durham with me so socialising is a bare minimum, and I’m living off microwave food so… yeah. It’ll be fine.

There are, however, a number of things I’d rather be doing that this massive essay, and I’ve managed to procrasti-blog just long enough to write down 20 of them.

  1. At the pub with a pint of cold diet coke, or maybe an elderflower Kopparberg. Oooo with some chips too! Just hanging out in the sun, with my shades on, with my pals. Not a care in the world.
  2. Disneyland. Do I even need to explain?
  3. Paris in general. Maybe Disney can be a day trip. Damn, Paris was fab. No work at all, an exam that I didn’t have to revise for, everything a gal could want.
  4. At the beach! Again, no need to explain.
  5. In bed with a Pixar film, a massive mug of tea, pjs and my phone to scroll instagram continuously. Maybe with Ollie (someone has to make the tea).
  6. Ah man, a nice hot bath! Granted, I have a bath and can have one whenever, but I wish I was there right now.
  7. Reading a book that isn’t about witchcraft, drugs, medicine or general misogyny. Unless it’s Harry Potter…
  8. Brunch. Brunch every day. With Bucks Fizz and eggs and pancakes and no time constraints or things to get back to.
  9. Throwback to Marrakech. Let’s go there. Now.
  10. In a bluebell wood. Granted it might still be a little early, but this is all hypothetical so whatever. A gal can dream.
  11. Walking along the South Bank with Ollie in the sunshine, dodging tourists.
  12. Baking a camembert with rosemary and garlic and friends and sunshine and rainbows and love.
  13. At the cinema, seeing all the films I’ve missed in the last year because a) Durham doesn’t really have a cinema, and b) I haven’t had time or money to go sit in a dark room for hours.
  14. Exploring a European capital that I’ve never been to. I’ve never been to Spain in general, so maybe let’s start with Madrid.
  15. In an ice-cream parlour with a massive raspberry ripple sundae.
  16. I mean, blogging. I’d rather be blogging. Like… this.
  17. Picnicking down by the river with sandwiches and prosecco and whatever.
  18. Having my hair and/or nails done because there’s nothing better than a head massage and fuss-free nails. Gels 4 ever.
  19. Afternoon tea. An event scheduled specifically for the middle of the afternoon. What luxury!
  20. Literally anything but my dissertation. Anything.

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