16 Things In 2016.

16 Things In 2016

2016 is right around the corner and in true blogging style I thought it was only right and proper to write up a little bucket list, of 16 things…

In a few days I’ll also be posting my specific blogging goals for the next year so keep an eye out for that too!

2015 has been one of the best years of my life so far. I started this amazing little thing I call a blog, spent two weeks travelling around Bali with my no1, and moved to France. In between those things I did an infinite amount of really cool and awesome things and learnt a lot about myself in the process.

So, why not make 2016 even better?

N.B. All marked with ♥ have been completed!

  1. Last out the rest of the 5 months and 10 days I technically have left in Paris without having another minor breakdown. Seems like a long time to be honest but the weather will be getting warmer, the days longer, and I’ll be far less out of my depth. ♥
  2. Actually have a real conversation entirely in French. Still hasn’t happened. At this rate probably never will. There’s hope. ♥
  3. Run a half marathon. Yeah I say this every year, manage a 10k at best, and then burn out. This year, I promise, will be the year I run a little bit further.
  4. Find a job. Obviously finding a job in Paris is a little tough, but after June I’ll be back in the UK for good and I am poor. Time to earn some money.
  5. Visit Marrakech and Dublin. Weirdly these two places have been on my mind for months and never ever leave. I’m desperate to visit both, and I will. Trust me.
  6. See Ollie graduate. Oll’s graduating in 2016 which is so exciting and I’m so excited (because it gives me a mark to beat when I graduate in ’17…)
  7. Hit 2000 followers on Bloglovin’. My little blog tends to be quite slow on the follower collecting front. No matter. I’d love to hit 2k if I can. Pretty please?
  8. Read a French magazine every single week. ♥
  9. Figure out what I want to write my dissertation on, and actually do something for it. Bit of a boring one but hey, thats life. ♥
  10. Save up some money. I’d love to save up a little money this year. I’m absolutely awful at saving so this is going to be a huge challenge (especially as I’m currently in minus figures – thank the lord for overdrafts around Christmas…) ♥
  11. Keep to a capsule wardrobe. As it stands, my wardrobe is pretty basic (stripes…) and I love it. Lets keep it that way. ♥
  12. Go to Disneyland. I live in Paris so you can’t even judge me k? ♥
  13. Spend more than 8€ on a pair of jeans. Again, you can’t judge me. Forever21 jeans are all that fit me right now. ♥
  14. Make a little bit of money from my blog. Obviously I’m not going to earn thousands overnight, but I’d love to start monetising my blog a little bit. Advertising is a great start so will bring out some packages in the near future. ♥
  15. Finish Harry Potter in French. I’m not even half way through the first one and its a shambles. Time to up my game.
  16. I’m giving up chocolate. I’m not even going to explain this one because I’m evil and want you all to recoil in horror. But seriously, I’m going to just stop eating chocolate. This year I managed ’til June without eating a single crisp and I’m going to make it to 2017 without a single drop of the brown stuff. (I don’t even really like chocolate so…) ♥

If 2016 is anything like this year its going to be amazing and I can’t wait. With goals like this, what could go wrong?! …

Do you have anything on your bucket list for 2016?


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