15 Reasons Why Halloween Is Just The Worst

15 Reasons Why Halloween Is Just The Worst

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]alloween is probably my least favourite day of the year. I’m having trouble thinking of a ‘holiday’ that I dislike more than Halloween. Valentines is kinda cute, really. Christmas is Christmas. Easter is chocolatey and fun. Nah, can’t think of one. Halloween is the worst day of the year.

Now, you’ll probably think otherwise. By the looks of things, and by things I mean twitter/insta/blogs, Halloween is a big deal for you guys. You like to get dressed up, throw around some pumpkins, and enjoy being spooky and sexy and fun and whatever.

But I think you’re all wrong.

Let me tell you why Halloween is just the worst:

  1. Orange glitter. I’m not sorry or anything, but orange glitter is not Halloweeny. Like, it’s tacky in a bad way. It gets everywhere and it’s orange. Come on now.
  2. People that are ‘so into pumpkins’ but only carve them. Hello? Make some soup out of that stuff? Croutons and Gruyere and happinesss. You’re bad at autumn otherwise.
  3. Lame ass costumes. I fall into this category 99% of the time because I don’t have the confidence to make an actual effort. I’m the worst.
  4. Insensitive costumes.  Guys, if your costume is racist or sexist or whatever, you are 99% a racist or a sexist or whatever. Sort out your life.
  5. Boys in ripped white shirts, one stupid contact lens, splattered with fake blood. Go back to Nandos because if this were my party you wouldn’t be allowed through the front door. Oh and those contacts? They’re gonna blind you. FYI.
  6. Sexy costumes. Mainly because I can’t wear them because I neither have the confidence, nor the body to pull them off. Straight up jealousy.
  7. Costumes in general. This is my main reason for hating Halloween, to be honest. I hate having people look at me, and costumes are just the complete opposite of everything I stand for. Just let me stand at the back dressed in black without making me feel rubbish for having already felt rubbish enough to have only dressed in black this year.
  8. Annoying decorations. Y’know the things that scream if you walk past or that cobweb stuff that goes everywhere and looks an absolute mess. You are not scaring me, you’re annoying me. I want to go about my life without having something wailing in my ear every minute.
  9. People find it really weird that you don’t like it. Like, why do you care? I don’t like a day where everyone has to dress up, okay? I didn’t like World Book Day at school either. Deal with it.
  10. Plastic. Tell me the truth, how much Halloween tat do you actually keep in a box marked ‘Halloween’ next to your Chistmas stuff? I’m willing to guess that zero is your answer – unless you’re totally keen and cool. Guys, Climate Change is so real and we need to take it seriously. Stop buying loads of plastic rubbish that you’re going to throw away in two days.
  11. People that make a big deal of hating it. Okay, so yeah yeah I’ve written this post but also I’m not going to comment on yours like oh well actually something about Christianity something about paganism something about American holidays ruining the Great British Autumn like okay get over that too. Let people live.
  12. Halloween sweets. The same sweets you can buy all year round but with some super fun branding OR really crappy cheap sweets that will probably kill you before you’ve popped them in your mouth.
  13. Teenagers. Don’t worry I’m not being a grumpy old lady or anything, but if you’re old enough to no longer look cute in your costume asking old people for sweets, you need to stop. Stop right there. Get drunk in the park with everyone else and stop scaring your neighbours and stealing from hard working children. The whole concept of ‘Trick or Treat’ makes me sweat with nerves and I’m only 22.
  14. TV Halloween Specials. I’m sorry but they’re kinda boring and a bit forced and why are we having a week’s break from the actual story line to see you at a halloween party? Oh no! Something slightly spooky has happened which won’t impact anything at all next week! What. Is. The. Point?!
  15. It’s not Bonfire Night. Bonfire Night is the best night of the year, obviously. In Sussex we have a massive bonfire tradition that spreads throughout October and November and we burn more than just Guy Fawkes on our fires. If you need some inspiration just google ‘Lewes Bonfire’ to see what I mean. Bonfire Night wins hands down.



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  • Patti Blue says:

    I’m not really a fan of Halloween neither. I just don’t really get it. I mean why do people dress up? it’s not carnival! Where I’m from, we celebrate carnival in February and for me that’s the time when people dress up, not Halloween. Maybe I’m weird here but I don’t get what Halloween tries to be about nowadays. So you’re not the only one disliking Halloween! I’m interested in the pagan side of it though, think that could be interesting!
    Patti Shifting Tales

  • woodenwindowsills says:

    Totally agree, bonfire night so wins! 🙂 I was never allowed to trick or treat when I was a child as mum thought it was unfair on the old people being disturbed all night, which is totally fair enough! It’s also so ridiculously tacky. Autumn decoration, great. Pumpkins, great! Fake cobwebs and plastic everything, unnecessary and crap! Alice xxx


  • I really enjoyed this post because it sums up everything I feel about Halloween!

  • My parents never celebrated Halloween when I was younger so I grew up not caring much about it, and I still don’t celebrate it. I usually spend the night at the cinema and come back after all the trick-or-treaters come through. I’m with you – most of it is annoying and distracts from the better holidays around it.

    Kate | girlinthebluejacket.blogspot.com

  • dreamofadventures says:

    I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween either. I can’t stand watching scary movies and it seems that all there is on TV during the month of October is horror movies. And now that I am an adult I don’t get to go trick or treating so I no longer get free candy =o(


  • Aimee Julia says:

    I can take or leave Halloween. I don’t carve pumpkins, I don’t dress up, or see the appeal in dressing up either. I do love the trick or treaters, as long as it’s not teenagers who are way beyond the point of looking cute in costumes and asking for sweets! Oh, and I do keep my Halloween decs in the attic with the Christmas stuff for the next year! But yeah, it’s definitely not the best holiday. x http://www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

  • Lucy says:

    This made me laugh, especially the boys ‘dressing up’ in ripped white tshirts with one contact lens in haha!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • I am completely baffled by people who say Halloween is their favourite day of the year, how bad can their Christmas and Birthday’s be if they favour Halloween!? Doesn’t compute with me. I do like Halloween but I don’t love it. I’ve seen some tweets that are just too much for me to handle because of their obsession with it!

    Abigail Alice x

  • Taradaniella_ says:

    YES! I’m also not really a fan of Halloween and much prefer bonfire night (& Christmas obviously!) I have no real reason but found myself agreeing with most of these so I reckon that’s reason enough- although I did enjoy pumpkin carving with my niece and nephew this year and love that they enjoy it, I just don’t feel the need to celebrate myself!


  • meg says:

    I don’t…love LOVE Halloween, so most years I’ve avoided doing anything in regards to it. Although last night I was working and we got told we could dress up? So I basically grabbed things from my wardrobe, grabbed a couple of pairs of costume goggles from a shop and went as my favourite Ghostbuster, but with my own twist! I can’t do ‘scary’ purely because I suck at make-up (as in can’t do it at all) and just want to wear something cool? Not scary?

    Meg | Elmpetra

  • Amber Davey says:

    I LOVE this post! I don’t hate Halloween, and would love to get more into it, but like I’m poor so nope haha. And the racism that pops up is disgusting, and people seem to think Halloween is an OK time to be racist ‘cos “it’s Halloween!” apparently that means you can be as offensive as fuck… and so so so much pumpkin waste 🙁 and plastic waste like you said too. I’m really glad you included these things ‘cos they’re big problems! To me Halloween just seems like another big consumerist holiday where crap gets bought and chucked without any thought, it disgusts me to be honest! I’d love to know if people actually do have a box of Halloween decorations somewhere…

    Amber Love Blog

  • Becky Bedbug says:

    Mate you NEED to see my Halloween boxes (plural). With the amount of plastic that’s in there instead of landfill, I’m 99% sure I’m saving the planet single-handedly.

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