15 Home Truths That You Won’t Like To Hear

15 Home Truths That You Won't Like To Hear

I’m not a very patient person. I try my hardest but I’m just not. People annoy the hell out of me.

There are, however, very specific reasons for my disliking of the human species, and that is people generally just being off. Like, stop it. Stop being stupid. Stop being late for things. Stop being obtuse or difficult for fun. Just stop everything.

Lol I live alone. Can you tell?

So, late one night, I compiled a list of things that have really got on my wick lately. There’re probably a million more things, but here are my top 15.

And don’t worry, I do and have done all of these things too.

15 Home Truths That You Won’t Like To Hear

1. You probably just can’t sleep because of Netflix and caffeine. You 99% probably don’t actually have ‘insomnia’ and tweeting about it isn’t going to make you sound cool/interesting.

2. There’s interesting and then there’s annoying. See pt. 1

3. Sometimes fake tantrums aren’t cute. Stop. No one likes it.

4. If your boyfriend acts like he doesn’t like you, he probably doesn’t like you. Same applies to all genders.

5. People don’t mind a show off as long as you are actually good at the thing you’re showing off about.

6. Making fun of people for enjoying themselves makes you a very sad individual.

7. Lets face it, candles add nothing to life. It is burning money. I mean, they smell amazing and make everything seem romantic but also your money is on fire.

8. Your degree is probably just as hard, and you have the same amount of work, as everyone else.

9. Buying clothes a size smaller to lose weight just isn’t going to work. Believe me.

10. I’d like to see you in a candid photo in a bikini in the jungle. (Ugh, yes I’m still pissed off about this.)

11. You don’t have to disobey your mum to be cool. Wear suncream, okay?

12. You own too much stuff. There, I said it.

13. Maybe the reason you’re lonely is because you haven’t tried hard enough to make friends. Some cases no, a lot of cases yes.

14. Mate, say no as many times as you like. Seriously, stop thinking like you have to say yes to everything. Sometimes you’re better off not doing the cool thing. Really.

15. You don’t have to like unicorns.

Have I sufficiently lost enough friends? Are you all offended beyond belief? Who knows. I actually really enjoyed writing this so will probably write a few more. I strongly believe that people should be told when they’re out of order (much to the dismay of the people around me when something happens) so why the hell not?

Has anything driven you crazy lately?
Was it this blog post?


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  • Kirsty Baker says:

    I dislike humans on the whole too and I don’t care who knows it haha.

    Number 1, 6 & 12 would undoubtedly make it on my ‘things I hate that people do’ list.

    Great post and I hope everyone takes it as it’s supposed to be taken, although it’s way too easy to offend people these days. xx


  • I enjoyed this! And it didn’t make me hate you don’t worry. Totally agree with number 1, I always tell people this! And I am more than guilty of number 7 and all the candles. I am burning my money but the cozy atmosphere is worth it for me!! Bring on more like this 🙂

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • Emma Louise says:

    Literally, everything on your list I found myself agreeing with.
    I like that we’re not a people person. Ha!
    EL xx

  • Imogen H says:

    Where’s your candle and postcard/wall print from please? And I agree with all of these, especially 4… GET A NEW ONE is what I say to that.

    Also to number 7, yes, I’ve just asked where your candle is from (because it has an I for best name ever on it), but I swear all I do is leave them around the house and I have’t actually burned one for years. That should probably be on one of these lists … I just love this tough love post in general, some people get offended so easily it’s annoying like just MAN THE HELL UP.

    Imogen // imogenscribbles.co.uk

  • The Nerdy Me says:

    You had me with 12. I really do own too much, haha. Love this post actually! And I did not get offended at all, but I do hate when people do get offended by things like these. That’s just stupid in my opinion. And we really do set our money on fire and enjoy it, don’t we? We also like to make them explode in the air (cough fireworks cough).

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  • Becky says:

    1. Yes yes yes. Like, have you actually tried to sleep? Have you turned off your devices an hour before bed? Have you got comfy and closed your eyes and just rested for an hour? Because I bet you haven’t. At least try before you whinge about it.

    …Yeah, people wind me up too 😛

  • Patti Blue says:

    I loved this post! I am a very impatient person myself so I totally understand those points! I had to laugh so much at point number 7: “your money is on fire” 😀
    Shifting Tales

  • Aimée Julia Cottle says:

    I actually really liked this post! Haha. No 14 especially. Something I know I could do with learning to be honest… I’d like to see more of these, if you decide to do more! x http://www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

  • I feel like you have just written the post that I never got round to writing. Amen to all of these things. Humans are weird specimens and next time, I’m going to think twice before buying a candle – I’ll find other ways to channel my inner ‘zen’. They’re now symbolic of how I spend/’burn’ my money, anyway haha.

    – Holly


  • Emma @ BooksandBoardies says:

    Hahaha!! I have to agree with most of these – I do like candles although yes it is literally burning money so I guess I also agree there! Although all the ones I own have been gifts so I guess I am burning someone else’s money! Is that as bad?! 😉

    I4,12,13 are all things I have been guilty of over my years! Thankfully worked on them and most not an issue now!

  • Katie Louise says:

    These things drive me crazy too, and I know I’ve probably done a few before. You had me at number 13… Constantly wishing I had more people to talk to and friends, yet I definitely isolate myself without really wanting or meaning to xD

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