10 Things I Miss About Bali

10 Things I Miss About BaliAs part of my birthday treat, Ollie made me a little book of sunshine: all of our best Bali photos in one gorgeous little bound book.

Now, as I said in my post on dealing with loneliness, one of the best remedies for the blues is remembering happy times with happy people. I’ve been feeling pretty average recently with my SAD slowly creeping back in and the Durham term about to start. I thought, therefore, that now was the right time to reflect on one of the most amazing trips of my life: Bali 2015.

10 Things I Miss About Bali

  1. The Sunshine: this is a bit of an obvious one but no Bali list would be complete without it so there we go. I miss not having to wear a coat, not having to worry about winter shoes and generally just being able to completely relax outside without the occasional shiver.
  2. Fresh Coconuts: Again, if you follow my instagram (or twitter, or facebook, or tumblr, or anything really) you’ll know how much I love a good carton of coconut water. In fact there’s only one thing I love more than a carton of coconut water, and that’s a whole coconut of coconut water. Fresh from the tree with the top cut off – perfection.
  3. Being Off-Grid: While in Bali our wifi was significantly limited, especially in the less touristy places. While Ollie was a little meh at not being able to check the football or news, I loved it. I loved not being able to check my blog stats or instagram or even text home regularly. Honestly, I’ve never been so relaxed.
  4. Warm Water: The Indian Ocean is just the warmest most lovely piece of sea. Even when the sun begins to set the sea remains a balmy temperature and it’s just the bee’s knees.
  5. The Food: Seriously, the food was just incredible. Rice and noodles and amaaazing vegan desserts and meals and my god literally the best thing ever. I am so lucky to have eaten so well for so little money. So lucky.
  6. The People: The Balinese people are some of the warmest, most welcoming people I’ve had the fortune to come across. No task is too small, and no fussy eater is too fussy. I’ve never felt so at home so far away!
  7. Fresh Juices: Guava, papaya, lemon, apple, orange, mango, you name it. As someone who doesn’t like to drink, Bali is my little haven. Seriously, who needs a g&t when you can sip fresh banana juice on the beach?
  8. Reading: This one might turn a few heads. It might even lose me some followers. I don’t read very often, if at all. I like to do it but always find other things get in the way. I struggle with sitting in silence and also struggle to like a lot of books. For some reason in Bali it all just came together and was so relaxing. It just doesn’t work for me and my everyday life.
  9. Monkeys: Need I even say more?
  10. Ollie: Bit of a soppy one but there we are. I now live in Paris, which is obviously not either Durham, London or Sussex. I saw Ollie three weeks ago and I won’t see him for another two, then a few days at Christmas and then who knows. Obviously this is a modern world and we talk everyday but hey ho. I miss my boyfriend (I’m such a loser).

On cold Paris evenings, my 9am the next morning looming and another day’s lack of French language skills weighing me down, I like nothing more than to lie back and imagine that I’m back on a beach in Gili Meno or Kuta until I fall asleep. Its pretty foolproof.

In fact, I’ve already started thinking about where my next big adventure is going to take me. That is, after this little Parisian adventure has run its course. India? Sri Lanka? The North Pole? Who knows. All I know is that I’m excited and that the world is beautiful.

Thank you so much, Ollie, for my little book of happy memories. You’re my hero.




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  • Patti Blue says:

    I’ve never been to Bali but I would love to go! Everything you write just makes me want to go even more! Especially the food and the warm ocean! I love the ocean or the sea in general but I am a bit of a wimp, as I always get cold so quickly so the Indian Ocean is basically my own personal paradise!
    Patti http://www.shiftingtales.blogspot.com

    • Imii Mace says:

      The water was absolutely incredible! A little cold at first but you warm to it almost instantly and then its amazing! I’ve never had so much fun in the sea before. And the snorkelling was also incredible! xx

  • Martha Jane says:

    You’re not a loser for missing your boyfriend, especially when he seems like such a cutie! My boyfriend is called Ollie too, the adorableness must go with the name 😉 I’ve never visited Bali, in fact I’ve only once left Europe, but I reaaaally want to go. This post made me nostalgic for something I’ve never experienced haha! So it must have been good 😉 x

    Martha Jane | http://www.marthajanemusic.com

    • Imii Mace says:

      yayyy for cute Ollies!!! Haha thank you (: I’d definitely recommend Bali, especially if its your first long haul holiday. It has that perfect mix of being touristy and safe, as well as being a little bit different to the norm! And its gorgeous! xx

  • Georgia says:

    Bali sounds amazing! The warm water and fresh coconuts sound incredible 🙂 I went to Sri Lanka this summer and it was so good, but I bet the North Pole would be so much fun to visit as well! xx

    Chasing Belle 23

    • Imii Mace says:

      Nothing better than a fresh coconut!
      Ah man Sri Lanka is so high on my list of places to visit. My grandad was stationed there in the war and absolutely adored it! xx

  • Sare says:

    Sounds like you had such an amazing time! It definitely needs to be on my places to go – maybe you can come and be my tour guide? 😉 xxx

    • Imii Mace says:

      It was quite honestly one of the best two weeks of my life and I’m so grateful that I got to go!
      I’ll definitely come with you! Just say when and I’ll be there xx

  • Antoinette Frances says:

    Love this post! Has given me a little inspiration <3


  • Miu says:

    Imii, you’re no loser, we all miss our significant other when in a long-distance relationship.

  • Frey de Fleur says:

    I’m going to Bali in January and I’m so excited! This post has given me so many new things to look forward to. Lovely idea to get a special book full of your photos too x


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